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by Khaled Al Khamissi
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Sphinx Agency , 30.03.2014
"I am a Jew East European Aust kills], and our nation as he lay dead." Thus said the millionaire Henry Bloomfield, in the novel "Hotel Alsavo" Joseph Roth, uttered while he was visiting his father's grave Jeical Bloomfield. This phrase combines shores full history "of the Jews of Eastern Europe" (who are sometimes referred to as "Ostboden"). Does not mention the term "Aust Yuden" to simply "the Jews who are in Eastern Europe," because even though there is a distinctive style Cklhm they distributed all over the world. They left behind their dead in many of the country, and often remained their only memory.

Khaled Al Khamissi is a journalist, writer, film director and producer, and publisher. He has worked for the National Institute for Social Studies and has written as a journalist for several Egyptian newspapers, including "Al Ahram," He has written and produced scripts for drama and documentary films and is a regular participant at international film festivals.