Easy Agile: Best Practices for Software Developers, Project Managers and Executives
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Easy Agile: Best Practices For Software Developers, Project Managers And Executives

by Lou Pedron
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Lou Pedron
Soar to new heights and get your organization back on track with Easy Agile. Easy Agile provides insight into the best practices for agile software development for software developers, project managers and executives.

Topics for discussion include:
1) What is “easy agile” software development?
2) Agile software development basics.
3) Team interactions and expectations, both onshore and offshore.
4) Planning and executing Sprints to deliver working software.
5) Define what success looks like in an agile world.
The Agile approach is often misunderstood and Lou Pedron aims to explain agile in simple, easy terms to help your organization succeed.

To read this book, you require either:
1) Any Kindle device or
2) A Kindle App Reader available at: http://www.amazon.ca/gp/feature.html?docId=1000817631. This allows you to read Kindle books on Apple / Android / Windows / Blackberry devices.

Make it right with Easy Agile!

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