The Sun is also a Star (Going down on her Book 2)
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The Sun Is Also A Star (Going Down On Her Book 2)

by Nacir Poorarianne
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The Sun is also a Star

A standalone story

I've had a hard life. I lost my beautiful mother when I was young. However, I didn't give up. I'd never given up, until...

When I look at the horizon watching the sunset, I see the beautiful Sun warming up Planet Earth. It’s amazing, it’s dazzling. Believe me or not, I’ve met the Sun in person.
I met her in Regensburg, in Germany, where I found a job after much endeavor.
I fell in love with her. I gave her my heart...
I went down on her many times and tried to be kind to her. However, she…

A sad story!

Warning! The story contains explicit language and graphic sexual references. These mainly include scenes of going down on a woman.

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