At The Going Down Of The Sun: Love, Loss and Sacrifice in Afghanistan
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At The Going Down Of The Sun: Love, Loss And Sacrifice In Afghanistan

by Graham Bound
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Soldier Magazine 'Book of the Month' - 'A poignant tribute to fallen troops.'

Thousands of British soldiers went to Afghanistan. They were young, strong, and in the prime of their lives. Often vastly outnumbered by a savage and ruthless enemy, they fought with astonishing bravery and skill. Many were injured. Some never came home.

At The Going Down Of The Sun tells the stories of twenty of the fallen - through gripping, first-hand accounts of comrades who were with them when they died, the last letters they wrote home, and the memories of the loved ones they left behind.

Soldiers and Marines featured in the book include Rifleman William Aldridge the youngest British soldier to die; Captain James Philippson, the first British fatality; Corporal Sarah Bryant, the first British woman to be killed in Afghanistan; Marine Steven Birdsall and Private Tom Sephton, best friends since childhood who joined up together and died within weeks of each other; and Corporal Mark Wright GC, whose bravery on the battlefield captured the imagination and has led to a film - a war thriller called Kajaki: The True Story - being made about him and his comrades.

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