Documents of the Coronado Expedition, 1539-1542  : "They Were Not Familiar with His Majesty, nor Did They Wish to Be His Subjects"
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Documents Of The Coronado Expedition, 1539-1542 : "They Were Not Familiar With His Majesty, Nor Did They Wish To Be His Subjects"

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UNM Press , Apr 16, 2012
UNM Press
This volume is the first annotated, dual-language edition of thirty-four original documents from the Coronado expedition. Using the latest historical, archaeological, geographical, and linguistic research, historians and paleographers Richard Flint and Shirley Cushing Flint make available accurate transcriptions and modern English translations of the documents, including seven never before published and seven others never before available in English. The volume includes a general introduction and explanatory notes at the beginning of each document.

Richard Flint is a translator of Modern Hebrew. His most recent translation is M.Y. Berdichevsky's Miriam and Other Stories.

Shirley Cushing Flint is coeditor and coauthor of The Latest Word from 1540: People, Places, and Portrayals of the Coronado Expedition, The Coronado Expedition: From the Distance of 460 Years, and Documents of the Coronado Expedition, 1539-1542. She and her husband and collaborator, Richard Flint, live in Villanueva, New Mexico.