Holding On
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Holding On

by Eva Hanagan
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The Odyssey Press
Everyone has secrets…

Past generations of the Gordon-Fenns made their wealth in trade, but their-descendants — Samuel his effete son Edward and his wife Edith — live in much reduced circumstances due to their own mismanagement and the effect of inflation upon the family fortune.

With the promise of Edward promotion revealing itself as nothing more than a promise, and with the upkeep of the house to pay for, the snobbish Edward and Edith find themselves living a penny-watching life.

Samuel has his own problems. He wants Lily Gudgeon to vacate the cottage on his land, to enable the construction of new houses, and a road. A development that will bring in a fortune for Samuel.

But she won’t budge, and he needs the money …

With Edward at work, Edith is left to put up with her ever-ailing father-in-law.

Of course, Edith has young Felicity to help with Samuel’s never-ending list of tasks … or does she?

Felicity, aged twelve, an only child and well aware of the undercurrents of turmoil amongst the adults in her home, takes it upon herself to befriend the notorious Lily.

A friendship that is highly unexpected, develops and secrets are shared …

Lily has her own reasons for not leaving the cottage, despite Samuel’s harassment.

With patience running thin, and financial burdens increasing, plots are put forward on how to deal with Lily…

Holding On is an intriguing tale that sheds light on the darkest of secrets.

Praise for Eva Hanagan

"small and perfect" - Elizabeth Berridge, Daily Telegraph

"precise and witty" - Thomas Hinde, Sunday Telegraph

"a subtle and complicated plot, richly satisfying" - Auberon Waugh, London Evening Standard

“Wittily observant” - The Daily Express

“Exquisite” – Kirkus Reviews

Eva Hanagan was a Scottish author, who died at the age of 85, in 2009. During a Foreign Office posting to Vienna after the Second World War, Hanagan met her husband, with whom she had two sons. She published her first novel, In Thrall, in 1977. Following which, there was a fairly rapid succession of novels: Playmates (1978) , and A Knock at the Door (1982) . She settled in Sussex, from where she authored her novels.

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