[(The Wrong Blood)] [ By (author) Manuel De Lope, Translated by John Cullen ] [July, 2011]
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[(The Wrong Blood)] [ By (author) Manuel De Lope, Translated By John Cullen ] [July, 2011]

by Manuel De Lope
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On the cusp of the Spanish Civil War in a coastal village in the Basque country, three men stop off at Extarri's bar on their way to a wedding. There, a bizarre and seemingly incidental event marks the beginning of a powerful story about a bond and a secret that endures even in death. Abandoned by her parents shortly after the outbreak of war, sixteen-year-old Maria Antonia Extarri is left at the mercy of the soldiers. Meanwhile, Isabel enjoys a blissful honeymoon, but just a few months later her valiant Captain is shot as a traitor. Both Maria and Isabel suddenly find themselves violently altered, alone, and pregnant. A crippled young doctor is the only witness to the mysterious agreement silently formed between the two desperate women.

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