The Reacher Files: The Girl from the Wrong Side of Cordial (A Diana Dawkins Short Story)
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The Reacher Files: The Girl From The Wrong Side Of Cordial (A Diana Dawkins Short Story)

by Jude Hardin
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Set in the Reacher universe by permission of Lee Child

Diana Dawkins…

A lead operative with the ultra-clandestine federal agency called The Circle. Smart, beautiful, deadly.

Sent to Cordial, Kentucky to verify the identity of a murder victim.

Sent to verify that the victim is Jack Reacher.

Cordial is certainly Reacher’s kind of town, but Diana knows right away that the dead man in the crime scene photographs is someone else. Who is he? Why was he killed? Does the suspect in custody know more than she’s willing to say?

As Diana delves deeper into the investigation, it soon becomes clear that—despite its name—Cordial is not a very welcoming place.

In fact, it’s downright deadly.

Note: While the name Jack Reacher and some of the supporting characters and story situations are used with author Lee Child’s permission, the Jack Reacher character remains offstage in THE JACK REACHER FILES thrillers.

THE GIRL FROM THE WRONG SIDE OF CORDIAL is 13,000 words, approximately 56 pages.

This edition includes an excerpt from the novel Colt.

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