Thor y Loki (Thor & Loki)  : En la tierra de los gigantes [Un mito escandinavo] (In the Land of Giants [A Norse Myth])
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Thor Y Loki (Thor & Loki) : En La Tierra De Los Gigantes [Un Mito Escandinavo] (In The Land Of Giants [A Norse Myth])

by Jeff Limke
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ediciones Lerner , 01.08.2007
ediciones Lerner
Out of the great halls of Asgard, home of the Norse Gods…came one of the greatest Norse legends. Thor, powerful god of thunder, and his brother Loki, the trickster, were eager to resolve an argument: Does strength always win, or do brains always beat brawn? To find an answer, they travel to the strange and forbidding land of giants. There they will face a series of challenges that will prove once and for all which god is right. Or will it?

Jeff Limke was born and raised in the wilds of North Dakota. He has spent many a year teaching stories and writing. Jeff now teaches less and tries to write more, which sometimes happens.

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